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Monday Meal 5/21/18

Happy Monday! Welcome to the first, of hopefully many, Monday Meals post where I share a new meal I've tried and/or created. Up this week is a Chef'd kit from Costco. This Weeknight Chicken Pad Thai meal caught my husband's eye so we thought we'd give it a try.

These kits seem to be very similar to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh in which they give you all the ingredients in just the right amount along with the directions on how to prepare the meal.

Cost (at Costco): $14.99

Serves: 2-4.5 ... for us this served 2 adults and a toddler with just a little leftover noodles and veggies

Thoughts: Not as good as take out Pad Thai, but it wasn't bad. It felt like it was missing something flavor wise, and the chicken portion was small.

I'd say the timing was accurate, but make note that 30 minutes is prep-to-plate, NOT clean up. This meal required multiple bowls, utensils, a pot, a wok, cutting boards, etc, so clean up was not quick and easy.

Overall, it was very similar to the meal kit delivery programs, but without the commitment. Portions were fair for 2 adults, if I was trying to serve more I would add extra protein.

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